But after a while the outside world got the better of me and my second brother David, and so we back slided. We were studying in Methodist Boys’ School, Kuala Lumpur a very notorious school and under a lot influence from the gangs around our school and in no time we were involved with gangsters, gambling, smoking, and stealing and even extortion. At that time we find that it is really exciting and we feel very powerful with all the gangs behind you. And so my life carries on like this as a worldly person indulging into any form of sinful nature that the world has to offer.

Many have tried to share the gospel to me but with little success as I found it difficult to accept Christ as the only way to reach god as other religions also have good intentions and teachings that are similar to the bible.
I perceive christianity as too troublesome & rigid like having to attend church every Sunday, leading a regimented life of bible study, prayers and so on. Furthermore christians are always being judged differently because they are expected to live a holy life and when a christian commits sin, they will judged very harshly.

I was also coming to question a lot about the meaning and purpose of life as we were from a poor family and have always wondered why I was where I am and why others seem to have such a different life from me. I never really received any guidance about life's challenges and purposes. Being the 2nd youngest in the family and growing up in a big family with 6 other older siblings meant I rarely had my parent's attention. Being educated in an English missionary school also meant there was a language barrier when it came to communicating with my parents. But now thinking back I realize that even as a non-believer I believe GOD protected me and my family as most of my siblings are now Christians. I also thank GOD for shielding me from many of the worldly things that could have resulted in me ending in a worse situation in life than I had as was the case with some of my childhood friends and classmates.

The Spirit of God has given us spiritual gifts but those gifts are worthless unless they are put to use in the service of God and His church. And just as the various members of the human body are independent on upon one another, some in more prominent places of service than others but all are equally important.

In 1970, a Jehovah’s Witness came to my house. Holding out a book entitled, “The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life”, she turned to a picture of paradise garden and asked if I would like to live there. This appealed to me. I bought the book, and she promised to return. By the time she came back, I had read the book. Her answers to my questions seemed logical and Scriptural as she thumbed through her Bible expertly to me. I readily accepted her offer of a free home “Bible Study” based on this “Truth” book.